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I have always wanted to serve the people with something that I enjoy. So, I came up with the idea of making a career out of a passion. To tell my story briefly, I had my first orgasm after entering motherhood. Matter of fact, three years after motherhood! My first experience of an orgasm was with a silver bullet. When I reached that peak, I knew it was a feeling never felt. From that moment, I became interested in having an orgasm every time I have a sexual experience . (Which is naturally hard for most women, with intercourse alone). It also gave me the mind-frame to, “Waste NO sexual experience”. Through my transition through life, I learned more about my body in an abundance of ways. In my opinion, it is essential to every female. The art of knowing self that is and I can admit that the exploration of myself has also helped me mentally.

My mission is to enlighten all willing participants with passion, privacy and respect through the entire HerPlayCloset LLC experience . Encouraging you to welcome the additions to the bedroom also! Men are so quick to get offended when a toy is being introduced. When they should really embrace the fun!!!!

Thank you for your interest, time and support!

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